Common mistakes in soccer betting


According to the latest research, millions of people around the world bet on sports every day.

It so happens that most of the players go into the red after the first predictions. What is the reason? This material will answer this question. Errors in football betting will be considered. The thing is that football matches account for one third of the forecasts made all over the world.

Bet on "total over"

There is a stable stereotype among the players that if two strong teams play, then at least 3 goals will be scored in their full-time match. This is not true. Today, the tendency is gaining momentum, when personal confrontations of attacking teams, on the contrary, end with the bottom. This is due to the fact that they begin to act more carefully, with an emphasis on protection.

Several consecutive big wins

The team wins with a conditional score of 5: 0 at the home arena. In a couple of days she will have to play again in her field, and the opponent, just not the strongest. Naturally, most of the players will bet on the outcome: the home team wins with a negative handicap of -4 (-3.5).