TOP-5 bookmakers with TOTO


It seems that sports betting is no longer very common among people who are addicted to gambling. Today bets are very popular, because they provide betters with a certain freedom of action, unlike TOTO. And at the same time, every betting lover should play the sweepstakes at least once in his life.

Today there are TOP-5 bookmakers with a tote. Further, they will talk.

 №1 | 1XBET

On the office's website, just go to the "More" section to open the sweepstakes. The pools here amount to several tens of millions of rubles.

1X gives clients the opportunity to try their hand at 6 types of TOTO:

  1. Fifteen. The classic option when you need to guess the result of a match.
  2. "Football". There are 14 games, and for each of them there are 3 variants of results.
  3. "Hockey". There are 5 games and you need to guess the exact result. Prize payments start from 2 guessed outcomes.
  4. "Correct score". There are 8 events from team sports. 17 outcomes are offered. If you guessed at least 2, get paid.
  5. "Basketball". 9 fights - 5 results (win + total). If you guessed 4 outcomes, you got a percentage of the pool.
  6.  "Cyber ​​football". 15 matches in a soccer simulator. People don't run teams. The computer is playing. In fact, the classical generation of results is carried out.

The attitude towards the 1X office among users is twofold. As a rule, the negative is directed towards regular bets, but not TOTO. Be that as it may, this office can be called the most popular in the Russian Federation. About 14 million people visit the site every day.

 №2 | Toto15

Tote in its classic form. It is not possible to place regular bets on the site. The user is given 15 events, and for each of them there are 4 outcomes (total and victory).

The peculiarity is the minimum rate. For 1 cent you can bet on 1 outcome.

The site functions entirely in Russian. But at the same time, in Russia, you can access it only with the help of a VPN. All due to the fact that he has an international license. By the way, Toto15 has no mirrors.

№3 | Marathon TOTO

The main direction here is football. By the way, in the fall of 1920, a jackpot of 800,000 euros was drawn.

The format itself is nothing special: 15 events in a line, and for each of them there are 3 outcomes. The bookmaker takes 10% of the bet amount. Have you guessed the results of 9 matches? Receive a prize. You didn't guess as much as you need for payments, you don't get anything, and the money goes to the pool.

There are only 3 types of sweepstakes in the TOTO Marathon: "Correct Score", "Tennis", "1X2". If you are not hunting for a pool, but expect to replenish your bank after each game with not the most huge amounts, then this TOTO is the best option.

№4 | BC Marathon

In the "TS" and "Tennis" sweepstakes, the pools are quite low - 7500 and 4000 euros, respectively.

The marathon is great for professional players because the commission is only 5 percent.

№5 | BC Zenit

Here the jackpot is distributed in a very strange way. Due to the fact that the bookmaker is not very popular, namely as a TOTO, the pool has been accumulating for 5 years, and it was played only in 2019. The amount is 45,000,000 rubles. At the moment, we know about pools in the amount of 100,000 rubles, which is not particularly interesting for experienced players.

Zenith should be seen as an addition to other TOTOs, but definitely not as the main one. Circulations in Zenith every day, but the pools here are smaller than those of the bulk of competitors.

This could end the review. However, there is another bookmaker that simply cannot be ignored. It's about Fonbet. The office would be on the 1st line in the rating, but recently a sweepstakes is not available on its website (in any of the versions). Prior to that, Fonbet had exactly the best TOTO in the Russian Federation. As the only drawback, you can recall only one circulation per day.

There are not only a lot of TOTO options, but also only 50 rubles a minimum rate. Pools reached 30 million rubles.

Even though the tote in Fonbet is no longer available, the bookmaker is still very popular among the players. This is due to the fact that after winning bets, there are never any problems with payments. If there are any misunderstandings, then the bettor always has the opportunity to contact the "Feedback", where he will be answered as soon as possible, and the problem that has arisen will most likely be solved.

What's the bottom line?

There are legal bookmakers in Russia that make it possible not only to make classic bets, but also to play on the totalizator. Now you know about the most popular companies, as well as their main advantages and disadvantages.

Finally, I would like to note that for most bettors, making a bet in TOTO is nothing more than a test of their own intuition, and an opportunity to try their luck, but certainly not a way to make money permanently. And it is difficult to argue with this, because there are a huge number of factors, oh